Welcome to Dr. Georg Frabergers

Clinical and health psychologist, author, speaker

Psychologist through and through.

I’ve devoted my life to the salvation of the soul. Hereby, I define mental illness to begin with as a normal reaction to an unnatural, ill environment. Subsequently, a mental illness can only be defined over a course of time within a process. Since 2000 I am working as a psychologist in my practice in Vienna (1190), furthermore as clinical psychologist in one of Europes biggest hospitals, as well as lecturer.

I am treating a variety of people with a broad spectrum of mental illnesses as well as people without any diagnosis.

Speaking and writing.

If I am not currently speaking to a patient, I am probably speaking at a lecture, in an auditorium or at a TV talk show. To compensate all those conversations, I like to write. „Ich verstehe dich“, published by Uebrreuter Sachbuch Verlag or Ein ziemlich gutes Leben“ published by ecowin-Verlag are great examples of me finding balance between speaking and writing. The latter title summarizes me being grateful for the life, I am able to live which is what I am wishing to my fellow humans. What I am: „Ohne Leib, mit Seele“: a psychologist. In that way, I also asked myself how I became the person I am now and as an answer to that I’ve written „Erfolgreich Lieben“ which defines a task one has to learn in order to achieve success.

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fraberger_neu6Georg Fraberger analysiert Liebe und Sexualität und zeigt auf, wie man zu einer erfüllten Partnerschaft gelangt.