Giving sense to the soul

The search for happiness

My house, my car, my boat – typical status symbols for a successful life for a lot of people. Despite prosperity more and more people seem to find themselves feeling a sense of shortage or absence. They suffer from mental illnesses such as depression or burnout. This contradiction raises the question, what its worth to lookout for in life.

Finding soul salvation

Since working as a psychologist, I am seeing this contradiction between happiness and sense a lot in my working areas. Therefore, my method revolves exactly around the existence of soul which is often ignored or suppressed. The reasons being the lack of space in our modern, achievement-oriented society. However, to achieve goals beyond material borders one needs to put emphasize on mental needs first.

Methodically happy

Whoever see’s themselves as who they are truly and also let’s themselves be seen in the sense of being accepted, being lovable – is on its own best way of being happy. These are words, I can guarantee not only coming from my professional background but also from personal experience: In spite of my 100% disability, I am living a fulfilled life in all areas – whether related to career or privately. Above all: being happy.


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