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My books address questions about human’s nature. „What does it mean to be human?“, „Where does happiness begin, where does it end, and even more important: where do we find happiness?“

NEW: Loving successfully – Erfolgreich Lieben

Georg Fraberger analyses love and sexuality to illustrate how to reach a fulfilled partnership. Autobiographically he talks openly about his own relationship to his wife and his path to a stable marriage. Loving successfully can be defined as a smart plea to love or a guide on how to learn to believe in wonders. Are there ways to lead a happy relationship? How does one love successfully? How to treat conflicts? An intimate partnership is an exchange deal where one person endowes another person with something in order to be together. This exchange however, is not easy due to inner conflicts such as mind and reason disagreeing with love or the partner while the body reacts inconsistent through weak knees and fears o floss. Love is like a ship on the high and sometimes stormy sea of intimate relationships. Nevertheless, there are ways to navigate around without stress or pressure, to experience love as intense, pleasureable exchange.

Wie werde ich Ich: Zwischen Körper, Verstand und Herz

How do I get to be my true self and who am I?

We are raised to achieve goals. We train our bodies and function to fulfill societal norms. The human is striving for success and being the perfect partner in intimate relationships. However, the balance between those realms often goes out of control. As a result the body gets tired and might collapse due to the stress of imbalance. One also might find themselves drowning in inner conflicts. But who is in the right and who is in the wrong? Body, reason, mind or heart? How do I get to be my true self and who am I even? Thoughts seem to be free are however tied to the body. Georg Fraberger, born disabled, shows how to find a harmonic relationship between mind, body, reasoning and heart to lead a balanced life.

Ich verstehe dich – Endlich Klarheit in der Kommunikation

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Reading your mind

As soon as humans get in touch with each other, a connection between them is created, like a cord. Communicating clearly means bringing forward acceptance and understanding but still being able to dissent or beg to differ. How do we achieve making our counterpart feel understood, feel like we are reading their mind? Psychologist Georg Fraberger and dog coach Roland Raske show possibilities of communication that spare us being puppets of miscommunication and misunderstandings. Only those who are able to be considerate but still able to express their needs can hold on to long-ranging harmonic relationships. You can only speak of successful communication, when mental needs are fulfilled through acceptance and consideration.

Ein ziemlich gutes Leben

Living well must be practised

I’ve not been gifted with the best requirements for a good life but I still made it to a point where I am confidently saying I am living a good life. Rich or poor? Healthy o rill? Perfect or imperfect? The either-or principle seems to differentiate between a good or a bad life. However, that seems to be very untrue. Wealth, social status or flawlessness do not define a human, but something else that lives in every one of us which needs to be uncovered since everyone deserve a good life. A lot of people have asked me, how I am able to handle my fortune so well or how I’ve been able to overcome my physical shortages. Due to this reason, this book includes next to psychological ideas also a few personal anecdotes.

Ohne Leib mit Seele

How much body does a human need?

There are two questions that occupy my mind the most: What defines a human? And which body does he need in accordance? How much kilograms is a woman allowed to weight? How tall does a man have tob e? How symmetrical does a face have to be? What functions does a body need to fulfil? Logic and reasoning won’t help with these questions. Science cannot explain reason and sense of living a life. Therefore there hast o be more than body and mind: the soul. The soul ist he core of a human being.Its what defines and controls us.To be able to be happy, free and fulfilled, we need to be able to let our soul unfold itself freely. Only then are we able to challenge the borders of body and mind.

Fraberger about Fraberger

My life so far

I was born 1973 without limbs. In the year 2000 I graduated from the University of Vienna in psychology. Afterwards I lived a year in Seomerset, England, where I worked as psychological assistent for patients with traumatic brain injuries and strokes in a neurological department.

After my return in the year 2001, I dedicated my time and effort to my doctoral thesis as well as to t he concept of life quality. I finished my doctoral studies in psychology in the year 2007. While working in my own practice and in one of Europes biggest Hospitals (AKH Vienna), I am also an expert witness regarding the bVa retirement funds, a lecturer of the general medical training and the Medical University of Vienna and last but not least starting 2013 an author.

Moreover I am happily married, a father of 4 and a passionate car driver.

Georg Fraberger

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